Web design has been a hobby of mine since Elementary School when I starting playing around with AOL’s free web hosting (if you can think back to the 90s when annoying addresses like http://members.aol.com/users filled browsers with pop ups – good times).  Unfortunately school is always getting in the way of this hobby, but here are a few of the sites I’ve created:

If you’re interested in having me design a web site for you or manage your current one, feel free to contact me.  I have a background in Industrial Engineering and Human Factors and completed an eight month Usability Engineering Internship with GE Healthcare.

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  1. Kyle Borchardt

    I am very interested in your blog. Would you please send me an email with your contact information? I have a few questions for you. Thanks.

  2. Hey there-
    I am a producer, with CNN Great Big Story and would love to chat with you about the Milt Mason photos you have on your blog, can you please email me.

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