From Tony Perkis to David Bowie…

Not to be too boastful about it, but since I started college in Madison, each year for Halloween, I have out done my costume from the previous year. Now some people may not be too impressed by this, but when you set the bar as high as Tony Perkis from Heavy Weights, outdoing myself has become a challenge, even a burden, and I’m not one to disappoint. As a result, people would probably be surprised to know that I have already been giving some thought to costume ideas for this year, which steered my thoughts towards two things:

  1. Halloween in Madison has gotten progressively worse every year that I’ve been in college. Is it even worth going to “Freakfest” this year? Even my brother back in college talked about how each year State Street Halloween sucked more and more as police tried to make the event more and more safe by using more and more pepper spray. Ever since the city put their hand in Halloween planning it has down right sucked. I didn’t go last year and probably won’t this year. Why should I buy a ticket so that I can stand on State Street under stadium lighting and sober up for three hours? I think I would rather spend this year’s Halloween watching Hocus Pocus.
  2. I also began thinking of all of the costumes I’ve had over the years, and as a result, I’m proud to present my top four Halloween costumes of all time:
#4: Diamonds in the Rough
Halloween 2003
#3: Tony Perkis
Halloween 2005
#2: Nickelodeon Guts Athlete
Halloween 2006
#1: David Bowie
Halloween 2007
Diamonds in the Rough - Halloween 2003
Tony Perkis - Halloween 2005
Nickelodeon Guts Athlete - Halloween 2006
David Bowie Labyrinth - Halloween 2007
When I was still a senior in High School Dave and I managed to convince our mom that I should go to Halloween in Madison. Dave, Mike, and I were Diamonds in the Rough and walked around playing Neil Diamond Songs all night. My first Halloween in Madison I was Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller from Heavy Weights). Andrew also mooched off of my costume idea and was my sidekick “Lars.” For my second Madison Halloween I was a Nickelodeon Guts athlete, complete with a piece of the glowing rock. This past year I was David Bowie from the 1986 movie The Labyrinth. This movie was recently made popular again by the Flight of the Conchords skit, but I had been hoping to someday make this my Halloween costume ever since Nick brought the movie over to my basement back in High School. If nothing else, despite spending over $100, this costume not only made for a tremendous walk home on the Sunday after Halloween, but also earned me a spot on College Humor.

Update: 12-12-08: I began e-mailing my logos for both the Nickelodeon Guts costume and the Tony Perkis costume to a few people, but at this point, so many people have requested them that I’ve decided to just post them here for download.
Nickelodeon Guts Logo Nickelodeon Guts Helmet Logo (left side) Nickelodeon Guts Helmet Logo (right side)
Perkis Power Logo for Tony Perkis Halloween Costume I'm Perkisizing Logo for Tony Perkis Halloween Costume (back)





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  1. Gretchen

    Hey where did you get the makings of your GUTS costume? A friend and I REALLY want to be GUTS contestants for Halloween this year but are having trouble finding a place to buy the shirts or similar shirts and some sort of iron-on logo!

    1. bigdickplaya

      She torched Neil!? Your right shes gotta go. 1, 2, 3 BOP BOP BADADADA DA DA BOP BOP! ha you got some sweet costumes man

  2. Matthew

    I actually made the whole thing which included sewing neon yellow cloth onto spadex shorts and an underarmour shirt. I had the neon yellow helmet from when I was 5, and then I photoshopped the Guts logo for both the helmet and the iron on logo for the shirt. If you want me to e-mail you the logo I used I probably could. The agro crag I made out of styrofoam and spray painted.

  3. Gretchen

    Wow thank you so much for all the ideas & info, I really appreciate it!

  4. Thomas

    Hey man, I am trying to make a Guts costume for myself. If you could send me the image that you used it would be really helpful.

  5. Brian

    Hey, could you email me that logo? I’ve been trying to find the logo with the Nickelodeon on it as well, but until now, no luck. This is the last part of my costume I need. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

  6. Andrew

    Where did you find the Perkis Power logo? All I’ve been able to find is one really small one.

  7. Matthew

    I made the Perkis Power logo. I also made an “I’m Perkisizing” logo for the back. I’ll e-mail you both logos.

  8. Reed

    Do you have any more of those perkis logo’s? I need one for Halloween. Thanks man.

  9. Tatianna

    Hey can you please e-mail me the Perkis Power logo? My 2 friends and I are going as Tony Perkis, White Goodman, and Zoolander for Halloween this year and I am having the hardest time finding a logo. Thank you so much!

  10. Austin

    Hey man can you please E-mail me the Perkis Power logo’s for the front and back of your shirt? I’ve been looking everywhere for this logo and i can’t find it anywhere! I’d really appreciate it so i could get a couple laughs from all my friends for this years Halloween.

    Thanks a lot man!

  11. Patrick

    Dude, the GUTS costume is out of control!! I’m putting one together myself and looking for the logo…anyway you could email it to me?!?

  12. Kait

    My boyfriend and I try to out do ourselves each year too, last year we were the Blue Barracudas (I know it’s been done but it went over well!) and we are looking to be counselors from Heavy Weights this year. Can you email me the logo, I have been having trouble finding a good one to put on a shirt.

    Thanks, and great costumes.

  13. Keith

    Hey man, it’s always good to see a fellow heavyweights fan who appreciates tony and lars. My buddy and I are doing the same for Halloween this year, and I’ve been trying to make a perkis power shirt in black, not white. Can you email yours to me? thanks

  14. Pat

    Tony Perkis, one of the greatest characters. I was gonna buy a perkis power shirt but wont get it in time for halloween. Can you email me the Perkis Power logo? Thanks alot.

  15. john

    hey man just wondering if you could email me the perkis power logo too, classic costume and i cant find it anywhere…thanks

  16. Josh

    Hey will you e-mail me the tony perkis logos too please.

  17. Josh

    really need the perkis logos emailed so i can make it by friday

  18. Tom

    Hey man, can you also email me the logo, I am trying to make the guts costume as well. Thanks a lot

  19. Sam

    Hey could you email me the perkis power logos too, the ones im finding just dont seem to work out when blown up…thanks

  20. Casey

    Hey, I know it is late notice. Can you please email me the Perkis Power logo? Thanks man. Amazing costume.

  21. jeff

    where on earth do u get the perkis shirt made did u just custom make it online

  22. Jon

    Think you could send me the tony perkis logos too? Im lovin the idea

  23. michael

    hey can you email me where you got thoes links for the perkis power logos

  24. Jon

    Love the Perkis costume, could you please email me the logos? thanks

  25. scott

    Can you e-mail me the perkis power logo and the i’m perkisizing logo also? Everyone is way too lazy to make their own so we all come to you! Thanks bro

  26. sean

    Hi can someone please email me the tony perkis logos please!!!! In desperate need. Its an amazing costume. Thank you to whoever does….

  27. scott

    Do you think you could e-mail me the perkis power logos too? Thanks a lot.

  28. mike

    can someone pllzz send me the logo i need it asap

  29. Matt

    same here, great costume, if you could email me that perkis power logo that would be great, thanks

  30. evan

    can you pleaaaase e-mail me the perkis system logos? i need it for a party tomorrow night and would be very thankful

    or if any commenter on here could do it too, that would be great.

  31. Zach

    Lol if you could somehow e-mail the Perkis Power logo by tonight I would reallllly appreciate it..Thanks in advance

  32. brendan

    Hey man I LOVE the Perkis costume! I know it’s late, but if you could e-mail me that logo real quickly I would really appreciate it. Thanks again.

  33. rusty

    hey i was interested in the perkis system logo, if anyone would be kind enough to sent it to me. it would be HUGELY appreciated, thanks alot

  34. megan

    Hey could you please email me the perkis power and perkisizing logos? Thanks a lot

  35. Brandy

    can you send me the logos too =]

  36. bob

    Could someone please send me the perkis power and perkisizing logos also? Thanks!

  37. brian

    what went into making the david bowie costume? let me know so i can make one!! thanks

    1. Matthew

      I bought nearly all of it on Amazon, including the boots, the spandex pants, the pirate shirt, the chain, the makeup, and the wig. It turned out to be pretty expensive. I believe I found the vest at Goodwill.

  38. Justin

    How much would you guess the Guts costume cost to put together? I’m playing around online and underarmour shirts like this look to be expensive, plus the screen printing, spandex, and elbow/knee pads. Did you do the screen printing yourself or take it somewhere?

    1. Matthew

      The logo was an iron on image from my printer & I think I found the spandex shirt at walmart (much cheaper than under armour). I had the spandex short sewed the neon stripe on and I had the helmet but printed the logo and taped it on. I made the agro-crap out of styrofoam

  39. Kyle

    Great Perkis shirt! Can you email me the images please?

    1. Matthew

      There already included at the end of the article.

  40. Sally B

    Your David Bowie costume is amazing! I love the baby doll – nice touch. You should have probably stuffed a cucumber down your pants though…

    And Guts! What a great idea. You go!

  41. Roger Celis

    I love your costume from Jareth you look so HOT

  42. David K

    Your costumes went from tight pleather pants, to spandex, to see-through spandex. The only place you can go from here are euro trunks and see-through euro trunks.

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