The Disneyland of Mexican Restaurants!

While in Colorado during winter break I accomplished three significant things:

  1. Spent time with Dave and Brea
  2. Skied four days with Lee in Keystone, Vail, and Copper Mountain (my first time at Copper)
  3. Ate the Mexican dinner of a lifetime at Casa Bonita!

If you’re unfamiliar with the restaurant, this requires a bit of background.  The official Casa Bonita website provides some basic information, as does the Casa Bonita wikipedia page, however, the true essence of the experience is best captured in the South Park episode, Casa Bonita.  Here is the full episode: Episode 711 (Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2003)

We approached our visit with caution because I was told to prepare for a months worth of indigestion after my all you can eat Mexican dinner.  One Mexican platter and 5 tacos later, I realized that this advice was… well, pretty accurate.  However, what they lacked in quality of food, they more than made up for with ambiance, cliff diving, Black Bart’s cave, strolling mariachis, and skiball in the amusement arcade.  I wanted to include video comparisons of our trip and Cartman’s, but WordPress doesn’t let you embed the video that I wanted to.  Check out these clips (Mexican Disneyland, More Sopapillas, Please!, Totally Worth Juvenile Hall) and then see below how our experience mirrored Eric Cartman’s.


Eric Cartman’s Experience
Our Experience
Cartman at Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita

Lee and I at Casa Bonita

Cartman at Black Bart's Cave

Group at Casa Bonita

Cartman near Casa Bonita Cliff Diver
Cartman - top of Casa Bonita Waterfall
Casa Bonita Cliff Diver
Cartman eating
Group eating at Casa Bonita
Cartman taken from his food
Cartman in Black Bart's cave
Strolling Mariachis
Mexican Manger

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