Doing stupid things that I know are stupid

  • Cutting a bagel while in a hurry – Actually sparked this whole post.  I Almost lost the tip of my left middle finger (my dominant angry signal finger) but fortunately after cutting through half of my finger nail, the knife spared me the rest.
  • Checking facebook 10 times a day – no explanation necessary
  • Only putting weights on one side of the bench press – Maybe I got so used to working out with Matt that I only knew how to put weights on one side.  Either way, cutting my hand and bleeding all over the serf was a great way to start mifflin weekend.
  • Buying a short bus – Actually no regrets on this one
  • Building a pool table in my 100 year old attic – Hauling a (free) $4000 pool table up our attic steps and assembling it was a good bonding experience for Peter and I but I believe I could count on one hand the number of times it’s been played in our 100 degree attic (Mike did start using it as an art studio for a while after changing his major to landscape architecture though)
    Peter and I working on my pool tablePeter and I playing pool in our attic
  • My quotes in the Badger Herald article “Short Bus Holds Dreams, Booze” – This page’s rank is currently number one when you Google my name

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  1. Jenni

    You’re back! The Kee and I just had a not conversation of your blogging!

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