Doing my part

Just so we’re clear, I became incredibly green tonight while drinking franzia.  Yes Franzia.  It turns out that Franzia is conveniently created with three of the biggest environmental buzz terms out there – “Less CO2 emissions,” “Less packaging waste,” and even a “smaller carbon footprint.”  I’m not sure what “Less wine waste” means, but they do that too.  That’s what happens when you drink franzia in a cup, instead of directly out of the sack I suppose.

Franzia going green
Franzia going green

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  1. David K

    How about grocery store items that are “made using organic ingredients”? I’m not sure what classifies an ingredient as organic anymore, but couldn’t most foods in the history of the grocery store have an ingredient that could be deemed ‘organic’?

    Disclaimer: I now shop at Whole foods and Sunflower market so I can also be made fun of.

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