Can I still wear Euro Trunks (without frightening small children)?

During one of my lectures in an elective I took last semester, Engineering Drawing (a terrible idea because it turned out to be a Mechanical Engineering weed out course – would have been nice to know), the instructor, I think in an effort to seem “hip,” showed us the book Geek Logic.  To be honest, I’m typically not too in to my major and definitely don’t think I fall in to the stereotypical engineer category.  This may be partially because I’m capable of holding a conversation with someone that doesn’t circle back to “what did you get on the exam?” or possibly because I’m more interested in girls than I am in whether or not my data correctly fits a statistical distribution.  I digress…  Nevertheless, this book peaked my interest, so I checked it out.  Here is my favorite equation in the book and how I scored:

Can you still wear a speedo (or in my case Euro Trunks) (without frightening small children)?Speedo Equation:  Can I still wear Euro Trunks without frightening small children
Waist size now = Your waist size now = 30″
Waist size at 18 = Your waist size at age 18 = 29″
Number of kids = Number of kids you have = 0
Calories per day = Calories consumed per day = hmm… since I have no idea, I’d say maybe 3000 during the week and at least 4000 on a drinking weekend.  So we’ll go with 3500
Days/week you work out = Days per week that you go to the gym or otherwise get more than 30 minutes of exercise = 2.5
Need to attract opposite sex = Your need to attract members of the opposite sex (1-10 with 10 being “nothin’ but a gigolo”) = 2

Unfortunately, according to the book, my score of .744 falls under the category of “the potential for bursting free of its constraints (and the resulting lawsuits) make the Speedo hard to justify.”  For some reason, I don’t foresee this changing my Euro Trunk wearing habits, however. Just for the record though, if I get another workout in each week and bump my average up to 3.5, my score becomes 5.6, for which the book claims “you can still wear a Speedo but you should go easy on the pasta carbonara the night before.”

Some of my other favorites were “Should you let your girlfriend meet your embarrassing family?” (pretty relevant in my family) “Are you whipped?” (I considered filling this one out for most of my friends) “Should you call in sick?” “Should you become a golf pro?” (maybe relevant to my dad) “Should you become intimate with a coworker?” and “How many beers should you have at the company picnic?”

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