Vas up? or Train to Auschwitz?

Some big developments for me recently.  I finshed my undergrad (who cares), I joined Twitter (for ideas too random or short for this blog), and I’ve been really into showing friends two online videos this week.  The first video is the Bruno trailor.  It looks INCREDIBLE and I think has the potential to be more ridiculous than Borat.

…that is such a Samantha thing to say. Then there’s the sequel to Dick in a Box that aired on SNL this past Saturday when JT was once again hosting…

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  1. I would totally DANCE if I heard any of the digital short songs out at a club. Do I go to clubs? Not really, but I might start if they play Andy Samburg hits.

    • Haha – agreed. If I suddenly gain consciousness and find myself at a club, I’m on a Boat would probably be the only thing that could lift my spirits.

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