McRib is back, but where did it go?

As I wake up very disoriented from a White Trash Party last night, I find myself mulling over the mystery that is the McDonald’s McRib. Every year, around the same time that Brett Favre begins to contemplate retiring, triumphantly returning to training camp, and then retiring again, McDonald’s announces seemingly the most significant press release in fast food history – McRib is back! However, every year this raises two questions in my mind. “Where the hell did it go?” and secondly, “Who gives a shit?” There may be people out there that get excited about a fake meet sandwich once again being available for a limited time, but I don’t know any of them. McDonald’s ad campaign for next football season should be something along the lines of “McRib is back for the 20th football season in a row and it will be available until the public once again realizes in a few weeks that this isn’t even a big deal. At which time the McRib will quietly disappear until next football season.” I bet the original ad campaign for McRib included “McRib is back” before it was even discontinued.

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  1. Dave K

    Colin Cowherd, on the radio show The Herd, was actually talking about the McRib the other day. He mentioned how the McRib was so tasty going down, but then once it hit your colon 1.25 minutes later, does a number on you. Nevertheless he was going to go eat a few McRibs since it is now ‘back’!

    Matt, I think you should increase the frequency of the blogs and/or have a designated day when we know a new one is coming out. Not easy to do in college, I know, but for us out in the working world we need something to look forward to.

  2. Matthew


    Maybe you should “subscribe” to my blog (I think in the upper right of the screen). That way my posts won’t have to revolve your working world. I suggest you try this blogging business for yourself… it’s harder than you think to constantly come up with hilarity.

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