After this past spring semester (aka afterLadies night at the Wash Park Grille in Denver graduation for most people except for myself), some buddies and I took a trip to visit my brother, Dave, in Denver (city by the bay).  The trip was great – we kicked off our Colorado excursion with a visit to a nudist hot springs (and I’m not even sure that that was the best part of our week).  I was actually overdressed in Euro Trunks…  Anyway, coincidentally, a girl that I sort of knew in High School, Jenni, was also in Denver that weekend (although I’m not overly fond of sharing my rare quality brother time with random high school ladies, Jenni turned out to be a good addition to our group).  Thursday night (Ladies’ Night at the Wash Park Grille) after making Jenni buy me all of my drinks half priced, we were enjoying some PBR and Tequila shots (Andrew’s doing of course) when Jenni suggested that I create a blog.  As far as I’m concerned, there are three possible explanations for Jenni’s irrational idea:

  1. This happened to Jenni
  2. Jenni has an odd obsession with my life and facebook stalking me just isn’t cutting it any more
  3. People may actually exist in the world who are interested in what I have to say (after all, Chris Schwab has been trying to read my Journal since Middle School and my pregame e-mails are usually well received).

Then Jenni told me that she regularly reads Katie’s Blog (she’s one of the four according to Katie).  Needless to say, I brushed this off for a long time assuming that the altitude had gotten to her.  Then I started thinking, “except for a degree, a job that she enjoys, and at least four friends who are interested in what she has to say, what does Katie have that I don’t?”  So I thought I’d check it out and grabbed her blog’s link from her facebook profile (we were already facebook friends because I had a crush on her in 9th grade when she was Student Union Vice President).  After spending more time reading Katie’s blog than doing my accounting homework, I was thoroughly entertained and decided I may take a crack at it.

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  1. mandy

    You have the best Halloween costumes ever. The Tony Perkis one rocked my world! I’ve been Jareth from The Labyrinth for the last 2 years. I’m stuck on this years idea..

  2. great aunt jane

    Matthew.. have enjoyed your blog posts…I don’t think reading them is stalking, is it?? Actually…I have wanted to start a blog, but don’t know how..That is probably a good thing…So if you can email to me…that’d be fun!
    Meet you soon!!
    p.s.We are trying to figure out how to drop the…so far no luck…so gmail may be best. I don’t know. :-/

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