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March 19, 2010

Chickens: the new dogs

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Today started off on a less than ideal note when I did terribly on my midterm (not yet confirmed) and on my way home was greeted with a parking ticket (the lame 48 hours in the same spot kind).  Historically, the opening round of the NCAA tournament is an enjoyable one for me, so I knew drastic measures must be taken to improve my mood.  Fortunately, my day started to improve after I blew off the rest of my afternoon to run the arboretum and enjoy the March heat wave/Seasonal Affective cure we’ve been having lately.  My day improved further when, at the end of my run, I passed a chicken just hanging out on someone’s front lawn.  It caught me by surprise to say the least.  I did remember that two of my friends actually built a chicken coop in the backyard of their Madison house, however.  After some research, I discovered the sites thecitychicken.com (which has a page entitled, Chicken Laws) and http://www.madcitychickens.com.  It turns out that section 28.08(2)(b)8.j of the Madison Zoning Code states:

j. Keeping of up to four (4) chickens on a lot with up to four dwelling units, provided that:
     i. No person shall keep any rooster.
     ii. No person shall slaughter any chickens.
     iii. The chickens shall be provided with a covered enclosure and must be kept in the covered enclosure or a fenced enclosure at all times.
     iv. No enclosure shall be located closer than twenty-five (25) feet to any residential structure on an adjacent lot.
     v. The owner, operator, or tenant obtains a license under Sec. 9.52, MGO.
     vi. The applicant for a license notifies all residents within two hundred (200) feet of the lot.
     vii. Not more than fifty percent (50%) of the residents notified in vi. above object within fourteen (14) days of notification.

So if you’re a Madison resident and have ridiculous amounts of free time, why not raise your own chickens?  Actually, I can think of a few reasons why not…

September 2, 2009

It’s finally official!

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Marsha Rummel, 6th District Alderwoman who sponsored the Resolution to make the Flabongo the official bird of Madison

Marsha Rummel, 6th District Alderwoman who sponsored the Resolution to make the Flabongo the official bird of Madison

After years of hard work – transforming plastic flamingos into flabongos and drinking beer and the occasional franzia from their beaks – it’s finally official: the flabongo is now the official bird of Madison.  I would like to personally congratulate all those who made this possible, including my brother, roommate Andrew, Chilla the Gorilla, Warren, IIE, The Badger Short Bus, Creepy J, and of course Marsha Rummel – the sponsor of the city council resolution.  I’m relieved that the Madison Common Council members are holding firm to the platforms for which they were each elected.  Now if only the university would let me take FAC for credit.

July 6, 2008

From Tony Perkis to David Bowie…

Not to be too boastful about it, but since I started college in Madison, each year for Halloween, I have out done my costume from the previous year. Now some people may not be too impressed by this, but when you set the bar as high as Tony Perkis from Heavy Weights, outdoing myself has become a challenge, even a burden, and I’m not one to disappoint. As a result, people would probably be surprised to know that I have already been giving some thought to costume ideas for this year, which steered my thoughts towards two things:

  1. Halloween in Madison has gotten progressively worse every year that I’ve been in college. Is it even worth going to “Freakfest” this year? Even my brother back in college talked about how each year State Street Halloween sucked more and more as police tried to make the event more and more safe by using more and more pepper spray. Ever since the city put their hand in Halloween planning it has down right sucked. I didn’t go last year and probably won’t this year. Why should I buy a ticket so that I can stand on State Street under stadium lighting and sober up for three hours? I think I would rather spend this year’s Halloween watching Hocus Pocus.
  2. I also began thinking of all of the costumes I’ve had over the years, and as a result, I’m proud to present my top four Halloween costumes of all time:
#4: Diamonds in the Rough
Halloween 2003
#3: Tony Perkis
Halloween 2005
#2: Nickelodeon Guts Athlete
Halloween 2006
#1: David Bowie
Halloween 2007
Diamonds in the Rough - Halloween 2003
Tony Perkis - Halloween 2005
Nickelodeon Guts Athlete - Halloween 2006
David Bowie Labyrinth - Halloween 2007
When I was still a senior in High School Dave and I managed to convince our mom that I should go to Halloween in Madison. Dave, Mike, and I were Diamonds in the Rough and walked around playing Neil Diamond Songs all night. My first Halloween in Madison I was Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller from Heavy Weights). Andrew also mooched off of my costume idea and was my sidekick “Lars.” For my second Madison Halloween I was a Nickelodeon Guts athlete, complete with a piece of the glowing rock. This past year I was David Bowie from the 1986 movie The Labyrinth. This movie was recently made popular again by the Flight of the Conchords skit, but I had been hoping to someday make this my Halloween costume ever since Nick brought the movie over to my basement back in High School. If nothing else, despite spending over $100, this costume not only made for a tremendous walk home on the Sunday after Halloween, but also earned me a spot on College Humor.

Update: 12-12-08: I began e-mailing my logos for both the Nickelodeon Guts costume and the Tony Perkis costume to a few people, but at this point, so many people have requested them that I’ve decided to just post them here for download.
Nickelodeon Guts Logo Nickelodeon Guts Helmet Logo (left side) Nickelodeon Guts Helmet Logo (right side)
Perkis Power Logo for Tony Perkis Halloween Costume I'm Perkisizing Logo for Tony Perkis Halloween Costume (back)





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