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October 28, 2011

The Packers Season Ticket Waitlist: Only a lifetime away

During the month of October, a lot of people (9,786 in Oct 2010) read my blog because of my blog post about possible Halloween costumes.  Throughout the rest of the year, my brother is pretty much the only reader.  So Dave, this one’s for you.  Towards the end of my High School career (not sure exactly when), I did what everyone else in the state of Wisconsin does – I added Dave and I to the Green Bay Packers Season Ticket Waitlist.  Ironically, in the days before stubhub and ebay, our Dad had a chance at some Packers tickets while he and our Mom lived in California for a few years.  If he found a way to pick them up, today I’d probably be sitting in section 120, row 10.  Roughly 30 years later, Dave and I got in on the ground floor of a 70,000 story building but the length of the season ticket waiting list has increased over the years. How long is the Packers Season Ticket Waitlist?

Every year, the Packers send Waitlist members a postcard to let you know where you stand on the list.  I haven’t always tracked my progress but in wading through facebook posts and old e-mails to Dave about our status, I was able to dig up the following data.

Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
Season Ticket Waitlist Number 65,959 Data
64,276 Data
62,556 62,139 61,656 61,206 55,995 55,250 54,768
Estimated Year of Receiving Tickets   2082.5 2089.1 2095.2 2101.2 2094.6* 2094.4 2097.4

*Assumes no other seating expansions

Packers Season Ticket Waitlist Graph
The linear trendline for this data, y = -1172.4x + 68238, has an inflated slope because of the 2013 7,641 seat expansion which resulted in ≈5,000 season ticket holders receiving tickets.  This means a couple of things:

  1. Our true slope (excluding 2013) suggests an average decrease of 664.44 spots per year (not 1,172 spots/year as the linear trendline suggests).
  2. Finding the x-intercept (excluding 2013) suggests that our name will likely come up in ≈82.4 years (the year 2097.4).
  3. Winning clearly doesn’t help our cause. Unfortunately, an exponential trendline may provide a better fit but it’s just too depressing. I’m hoping that fluctuations in the Packers’ performance will smooth this out over time, making the linear trendline a better estimate. As a fan, however, I’m not sure I can handle fluctuations in their performance.

I’ll be sure to update this graph each year for the rest of my life…then pass it on to my grandchildren.

And for the record, I’m one spot ahead of Dave on the list.

November 17, 2009

My current totem pole

A friend of mine, who also happens to be the Assistant Dean of the College of Engineering, brought this cartoon from www.phdcomics.com to my attention on facebook the other day.

The main thing that’s surprising to me is not that Football coaches make over a million dollars, but rather the gross overestimate of Grad Student salaries.  If I made $17,784 right now, I’d be living a lavish life of Qdoba, Spotted Cow, and Tostitos hint of lime chips, instead of El Monterey frozen burritos, PBR, and “badger” chips.  Nonetheless, the graph got me curious.  Here’s my current totem poll at UW-Madison (from the WSJ UW-Madison Salary Database):

  • $91,870 – my band director (who I’ve learned more from than most of my professors)
  • $103,000 – my supervisor
  • $141,707 – my supervisor’s supervisor
  • $164,933 – my department chair
  • $244,525 – college of engineering dean
  • $400,000 – Brett Bielema (bachelor’s degree in marketing)
  • $600,000 – Barry Alvarez

September 21, 2008

McRib is back, but where did it go?

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As I wake up very disoriented from a White Trash Party last night, I find myself mulling over the mystery that is the McDonald’s McRib. Every year, around the same time that Brett Favre begins to contemplate retiring, triumphantly returning to training camp, and then retiring again, McDonald’s announces seemingly the most significant press release in fast food history – McRib is back! However, every year this raises two questions in my mind. “Where the hell did it go?” and secondly, “Who gives a shit?” There may be people out there that get excited about a fake meet sandwich once again being available for a limited time, but I don’t know any of them. McDonald’s ad campaign for next football season should be something along the lines of “McRib is back for the 20th football season in a row and it will be available until the public once again realizes in a few weeks that this isn’t even a big deal. At which time the McRib will quietly disappear until next football season.” I bet the original ad campaign for McRib included “McRib is back” before it was even discontinued.

September 10, 2008

Re-learning gameday

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People who are accustomed to seeing me on football gamedays over the past three years (probably more like 6 years) know that I’ve been very dedicated to Badger Pregame Parties.  From my e-mails, all the way down to the caliber of my 7:00 AM breakfast/bloody mary hour, a lot has been expected of me.  However, when Dave and I were enjoying a 5th Quarter in fabulous Las Vegas after the Badgers/UNLV game last Fall and I made a comment how awesome it would have been to be in the UW Drumline, he responded, “why don’t you give it a shot?”  So I did.  I tried out with all the other freshman and after undoubtedly the hardest week of my life (aka “Reg Week”) I am now the oldest freshman in the UW Marching Band – quite a unique way to spend my fifth year of college.  Although a lot of people (including Tequila Dan) miss the pregame parties I used to throw, aside from being a lot more work than drinking and eating brats before the games, my gamedays as a Cymbal player have a relatively similar schedule to my gamedays as your average pregame partier.  Here are the differences…

Partying Gameday
UW Marching Band Gameday
5:30 AM Still passed out Wake up
5:45 AM Still passed out Arrive at Camp Randall with Bagels that I brought for the upperclassmen because I’m a “freshman”
6:00 AM Still passed out Begin Drumline music rehearsal
6:30 AM Wake up, put on Euro Trunks, blast Jump around, and wake up roommates. Drumline plays football on Camp Randall field
7:00 AM Warren, Matt, and Lee have typically already arrived before I’m even out of the shower. Bloody Mary Hour begins. Entire Band rehearsal begins
8:00 AM Bloody Mary Hour ends Band rehearsal ends
8:30 AM Flip cup commences and/or Peter takes four-beer beer bong Drumline begins playing “rounds” (playing cadences at bars in exchange for cases of beer)
9:30 AM Mom and Dad arrive at Party bearing cheesy potatoes and brats. I try to hide inebriation. End rounds, head to Union South.
10:00 AM Tequila Dan serves hundreds of brats to the masses, while my mom serves pounds of cheesy potatoes. Begin concert at Union South.
10:30 AM Lose Yourself is played and David dances on back porch. Play cadences into Camp Randall
10:45 AM Party approaching drunken peak. Begin Pregame and Run on Show
11:00 AM Leave for game Game begins
11:05 AM Light cannons outside of Camp Randall
11:15 AM Enter Camp Randall

So maybe they’re not that similar… at all. However, I’m having just as much fun, albeit a very different kind of fun.  I’ve already been quoted in the Wausau Daily Herald too.

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